Assignment Readiness Program

In the IT consulting and staffing industry often time individuals are placed in roles by recruiters who are simply looking for key words on a resume and don’t have the technical prowess and industry experience to properly vet these candidates.

Sylver Rain Consulting plans to improve the quality of IT project support services through our mandatory Pre-Assignment Readiness Training/Coaching for resources before they are placed with a client to ensure that they have expertise and knowledge for the role that he/she is filling. We feel that this is one of the main reasons we can service the market better than our competition.

Our Pre-Assignment Readiness Training/Coaching will ensure employees are fully equipped to be successful in the role for which they are placed.  Sylver Rain Consulting’s leadership consists of IT professionals who are experts in the positions that they are staffing for versus the traditional IT recruiter who, very often, has never worked in the IT field and therefore has no real life work experience to leverage when vetting candidates.

At Sylver Rain Consulting our Niche is our Strength.

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