Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Machine Learning

Our Niche

At Sylver Rain Consulting we specialize in developing software solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, these solutions can mimic human thought and reasoning to solve complex problems. We also take AI one step further with Machine Learning where the software can reprogram itself based on new data. These software applications can either be stand-alone, such as decision support software, or embedded within larger software systems.


Internet of Things

At Sylver Rain we implement complete IoT solutions tailored to the end users’ needs. From IoT application development to Off-the-shelf IoT platform solutions our team of engineers have the passion, technology and expertise to ensure our clients can utilize inter-connected solutions to make better decisions based on enhanced analytics. We integrate and develop architecture that uses all the best technologies with a cloud based approach, platforms such as openremote, and tools such as Apache Kafka, Apache Flink and Kinesis.

Artificial Intelligence

At Sylver Rain our leaders and engineers study cognition and human behavior which provides the perfect environment for the development of cutting edge AI software solutions.  Our engineers use the top tools and frameworks to build Intelligent systems, and open platforms for your needs, these include Splunk, open AI from IBM Waston, the use of AWS Artificial Intelligence platform, Einstein –  a smarter Salesforce, python, R, and other platforms recommended to specifically address your business and operational needs.


Machine Learning

Through a range of platforms and API’s our engineers create learning solutions that take AI software one step further by having the ability to re-program itself based on new data. Through the use of tools such as splunk, TensorFlow for numerical computation through data flow graphs, Apache Singa, Azure ML Studio, Caffe, MLib(Spark), KNIME, Hadoop and its ecosystems with other frameworks and tools for visualization such as D3.js we are able to incorporate machine learning into your business processes.